Wild Camping Status

It is currently illegal to wild camp in the UK without the land owner’s permission.

If you do intend wild camping then you should stay well away from beauty spots and common destinations for tourists. Keep your camp small and compact, and preferably use camouflage colours. Hide your bike using a tarp if it’s bright colours, or fold it to keep it low if you’re not using it as a pole or anchor point.

Arrive late (at dusk if possible), and leave early – and whatever you do – LEAVE NO TRACE.

Campfires are an absolute no. If you must insist on a fire (bearing in mind your smoke will be visible) then use a twig burning stove such as a Kelly Kettle or a OneTigris Rocuboid folding stove and keep it elevated to prevent the grass being scorched.

Take all rubbish home, and if you need to use a toilet then please be courteous to the landowners and don’t leave a turd under a hedgerow!