I’m Kris. I’m a 40something cyclist who uses my bikes as tools. I regularly load up the rear rack and head out on a camping trip!

My go to bike is a Raleigh Stowaway. I’ve always had a soft spot for Raleigh bikes even from the 70’s when I cut my teeth on a Raleigh Budgie.

I spent most of the 80’s being a BMX hooligan and learnt some very odd moves. You never forget and to this day I do keep having to remind myself that whilst I can pop a huge wheelie on a folding bike, perhaps I shouldn’t!

I have a couple of folding bikes at present – first is my classic DaHon III, known affectionately as “Wee Red”, which was made in 1989 (dated by the Sturmey Archer gear set)

My new ride (Walter) is a 2021 model Raleigh Stowaway. It’s a great bike for a low price – much better than many of it’s similar price range stablemates; and the difference with a Raleigh is it’s a long standing brand which has the parts and support back-up.

Walter, my Raleigh Stowaway 2021. This is a working bike – I’ll often load it up with full panniers and go on an overnight camping stay.

I’m a fan of camping. I often load my bikes up with camping gear and head up to a beautiful place for an overnight stay. I’ll be the one organising camping meet-ups in future.