Foldie-Roll 1.1

Saturday 11th September 2021

The Bunker

Sprotbrough, Doncaster, South Yorks, UK

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About a 20 minute ride from Doncaster Train station. An impromptu gathering of folding bike fans for a camp out. The site has water and basic toilet facilities but it’s pretty much wild and is suitable for small tents, hammocks, and Bivi camping.

You can book in advance at the link above although there are over 50 pitches so we don’t envisage it being a problem! Mention “Folding Bicycle Club” when you book.

Arrival from 4pm onwards. Depart by 11am the following day.


1. Leave no trace wild-style woodland camping. Take your litter home with you.

2. Arrive on your bike – please, no cars in the camp (although there is a car park on site, but please ride in with your gear!)

3. No campfires on the ground – raised fires only, and please buy your fuel from the site. There is a large central campfire with plenty of wood if you’re the burny type.

4. No loud music playing or general antisocial behaviour. We’re trying to make this a regular, possibly longer event and we’d like to stay friends with the owners.

5. Please follow social distancing guidelines. Keep 2 metres apart.