Podsacs Stem Bottle Bag review

A long term review as I’ve had this bag for quite a while now.

The £15 priced Podsacs Stem Bottle Bag is a perfect answer to a never-ending problem for we foldie fans. Where on earth do you keep a water bottle?

In a land of bikes with no high up crossbar and odd shaped tubes a standard bike bottle holder just doesn’t really work, and even then it can interfere with the folding mechanism of the bike.

Podsacs came up with a solution. It’s a deceptively simple one and it just works. Beautifully. It’s quite a thick canvas style material with a band around the top through which are two velcro loops. These are moveable and are very long so good enough to hold your bottle in a multitude of positions. The bag is slightly crinkly when you do crush it owing to the insulation material inside.

The other benefit of a soft bag, though, is it’s squishy; so when you fold down your handlebars it simply compresses down.

The final bonus with this bag above all other drink holders though is that being both black and thermally lined it keeps your drink both in the shade and cooler on a hot sunny day. Does it work? Well actually yes. Smaller bottles (350ml) are totally wrapped inside it, whilst the taller 500-750ml bottles poke out the top, so sadly the nozzle does get warm.

Could it be improved? Well I suppose it could be a little taller being that one of it’s selling points is keeping drinks cool and this point only really applies to short bottles (bearing in mind in a hot day I can drink 2 litres!) on a decent length ride.

Would I recommend it?

Oh absolutely! I’ve got two! One on each of my daily bikes. I wouldn’t be without them.

The Verdict 🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🔵🔵 a firm 8/10 – make a taller version and you’ll get a ten!

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