Wild Man 1.2L Crossbar Case Review

So did I say I bought a foldie E-Bike? Well I did! I love it, but I’ve found a huge flaw with it’s design: none of my luggage actually fits, well apart from my under saddle bag, but that holds very little in the way of luggage and is already full with my tool kit.

I’ve also changed my phone for a Galaxy Fold 3 so, of course, my old Quad-Lock no longer fits either. Enter what could be the perfect solution. The Wild Man crossbar case.

Looking pretty much like a tiny little set of panniers because that is essentially what it is. Think of two semi rigid pencil case sized boxes and you’re pretty much there. Then add on a quickly removable velcro case on top with a large clear section for your phone and you have this case.

But who is it for? Well the design is very much aimed at the standard cycle with it’s usually diamond layout. On my mountain bike the case fits perfectly. But it just so happens that because of the strap arrangement those of you with the rectangular profile tube bikes, often the ones hiding a battery within, will find this bag to be absolutely perfect – I really do mean that on mine it is a spot on fit. Somebody would think Wild Man made it just for the Fiido D2S.

The luggage itself, as I’ve mentioned, is very small. More if a keys, wallet, phone, multi-tool affair, although a spare inner tube would also fit. Amazingly my pocket pump fits perfectly in the bottom of one of the cases.

The top case has space for a fairly sizeable mobile phone, plus you could put a decent slab of a battery charger brick underneath and even charge your phone on the go with angled connectors. My Fold 3 fits in very well (folded of course), and there’s a velcro arrangement behind to keep it pressed up to the window.

Aesthetically it’s quite cool, with a fake carbon fibre thing going on. The Wild Man writing on the side seems to divide the critics though. I rather like it but then it conjours images of Kate Bush’s album 50 Words for Snow in my mind.

So any flaws? Well no actually. I’m really happy with it. The cases are semi rigid. They’re protected by waterproof zips and rather thoughtfully the actual zippers close to the rear of the case. The straps keep it nice and tight on the bike and the mobile phone holder section works really well (including using the phone through the clear section).

Would I recommend it?

Yes, and No, actually. Unless you’re a specific needs user (such as myself with the square tube) the fit on most folding bikes is actually terrible. I tried it on my Raleigh and it just flops around. Same on the Dahon. Hence I’m going to break with tradition and give it two separate ratings depending on the type of crossbar your bike has.

I have to say that the washing instructions make amusing reading though… Do not L Ron? What’s Scientology got to do with this?

The rating:

If your bike has a rectangular battery carrying crossbar similar to my Fiido, or has a standard diamond/kite frame:

🟑🟑🟑🟑🟑🟑🟑🟑🟑🟑 10/10 – superb kit

If your bike was a round single crossbar (Brompton, Raleigh, Tern, Dahon):

πŸŸ‘πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅ 1/10 – try as you might you’ll never get it to fit

I bought mine for Β£22.99 locally, however it, and other Wild Man bags are widely available from online sellers. I was lucky to try it on my bike before I bought and I would suggest you do the same if you’re unsure.

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