Ortlieb Gravel Pack Panniers Review

Ortlieb Gravel Pack Panniers

I’ve owned these panniers for about two years or so now, and think it’s time they got a write up.

So initially they were bought for the front rack on my foldie. The rack wouldn’t allow any panniers on the front that I had, due to the bottom hook/clips being too low and not attaching to anything. This meant my panniers would be swinging about on the top hooks. I came across these after some searching and they ticked all the right boxes. The top hooks are actually locks, and the bag can only be removed once you pull up the handle. No chance of them bouncing off the rack mid-ride. They can be shifted left to right, to grab hold of the shortest rail. The bottom hooks are fully adjustable, and the right height for the front rack to pick them up. They can be adjusted left to right, as well as the hooks being rotatable 360 degrees. Perfect for fitting to literally any rack out there, front or rear.

Note the lower hook rail and ease of adjustment, as well as the lockable top hooks which can also be adjusted left to right.

they’re also fully waterproof, with a roll-down top and side clips, to make sure your luggage is tight and secure. However, the downside to this is the side clips are non-adjustable, so you do need to roll the bag down a certain amount to reach the clips. But as a failsafe you can roll the bag down and use the middle clip to hold it all together, which is adjustable to a decent length. They’re very light panniers, which is another plus when it comes to touring!

One slight downside to this pannier set is the lack of pockets and extra storage. I’m used to all the panniers I’ve ever owned having at least one external pocket for sticking small items in such as your multitool or spare tubes. They’re not the biggest panniers I’ve ever had either, but I did managed to fit an entire overnight stay into a pair of them (This included my one man tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, Alpkit Brukit Stove, food and cutlery, spare shirt and socks and other bits) so they can still fit a fair bit in.

Front mounted for the way there…
…and rear mounted for the way back!

Overall, I’d give these a 9/10, purely because of the ability to front mount them on a tiny folding bike rack, their lightness and waterproof ability. However, it’s not a full 10/10 due to the lack of extra storage (The website does state that the removal of extra storage and its shoulder straps for this model keeps it in it’s “featherlight” class)

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