Fit Flip Microfibre Towel

Ever since I first listened to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as a kid, I have made it a point to always know where my towel is at. Maybe that’s why Kris let me review this product.

The long standing problem with my previous microfiber travel towels has been size. As far as I am concerned, there are two key functions of a towel. Drying and modesty. The drying part of the remit was fine. Sadly, however, they were all miniscule, and there was no way one could use them for adequate cover. Not even if you’re built like a whip. Not great if you need a towel that can accommodate the beach-wriggle-change-dance so you don’t have to drive home with a sandy bum.

Therefore, the first big thumbs up from me for the  Fit-Flip Sports and Travel Towel is for its size range. I’m a bonny lass and the 90cm×180cm towel went around me comfortably with room to spare. It tucked in securely and held as I changed beneath it. All this, and yet it somehow manages to pack away smaller than my old travel towel which barely wraps a Barbie doll (and that was the biggest one I could get at the time)! There are smaller sizes available too if you’re looking for something for face & hands, hair, or if you are really counting every last centimeter-cubed and gram when packing.

The drying experience was excellent. The fabric is butter soft and felt nice against my skin. It is even gentle on any scratches or grazes you may have picked up whilst adventuring. In very little time I felt thoroughly dry. No slight residual sensation of dampness. This is an important consideration for me when I am camping, especially off-season, as you stay a lot warmer if you’re properly dry.

The mesh bag is a good size, and the used towel will roll up and fit straight back in without a fight. After use, the towel dried in about 20-30 minutes hung over my tent guy rope in the September sunshine.

The towel washes at up to 60°C, but cannot be tumble dried. This isn’t really an issue as it dries quickly anyway. (Also, the lable tells you not to iron it, but who irons towels? Seriously?) After washing the towel was good as new. The texture and whicking qualities are unchanged and the colour has held well.

The Fit-Flip towel comes in a range of 8 colours in the 90×180cm size. Which is useful if you are travelling as a family or group and don’t want to get mixed up. I have to say that the jewel tone palet of the colour range is very well chosen. Everyone’s favourite colour is covered. The towel I tested is a lovely amethyst shade.

The press stud hanging loop is a great idea, but I must give you fair warning. It is located on one of the long edges. If you happen to favour “The Floss” method of drying your undercarriage, and you haven’t realised it’s there, it can give you a bit of a surprise. After consideration, I agree with the designer that the towel would probably trail on the floor when hung up if the loop was located on the short edge or a corner. So this is not a criticism. Just bear in mind that it is there.

Fit-Flip’s product information states that their Sports and Travel Towel has antibacterial properties. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a Microbiology laboratory to test this properly for you. So I am reserving comment on this claim.

Considering how well this product performs, I feel that the price, €15.99 for 90×180cm, is excellent value. My only concern is about the sourcing or sustainability of the materials used in the manufacture of this product. I could not find any information about this online from the manufacturer, which worried me somewhat. However, I think I will be using this towel for a long time.

On balance, I can heartily recommend the Fit-Flip Sports and Travel Towel. In fact, I am thinking of getting another so I can wrap it around my head to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. 

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