Topeak MTS DXP review

Topeak are well known for their luggage fixing system which involves a special rack with a tongue and groove quick release system, however, they also do a number of their bags as strap versions so those of us without their racks can use them.

As someone with a factory fixed rack this interested me very much; and as someone who had bought cheap rear pack I was very much interested in not getting burned again so I splashed out and bought one of these from my local cycle shop after seeing it on display.

The Top MTS (the DXP is important – it means the bag has panniers) is a superbly solid top bag. Very stiff and with a good hard base to prevent it slobbing around on your rear rack.

Inside is a divider and a single pocket on the lid. In its smallest configuration it holds about 6 litres or about 18 packs of Hotel Chocolat 6 chocolates (don’t ask me how I know this).

But unzip the lower of the two lid zips and you gain about 3 more litres as the bag becomes wedge shaped.

On the back of the bag is an extra bottle holder too, plus a loop for a clip on light to improve your visibility.

That’s not where this bag really shines though, because the two hard compartments on the side unzip to reveal two of the best foldaway panniers you can possibly imagine! They are so big I’ve put two 2 litre bottles of pop in each one and still had room! This bag really can swallow a small shopping trip in one and I know, I’ve done it.

I’ve even tested my camping gear in it and believe it or not it fits, although I would probably not choose this bag for such a hefty load.

I really can’t recommend this bag enough. As a permanent “lives on the bike bag” it’s an all in one solution and with my bike it doesn’t even prevent me folding it.

The bag is waterproof (riding through torrential rain for an hour did not let a single drop in to either the top bag or the panniers) and being rigid it doesn’t move around on the bike. The rear bottle holder is handy for your spare water too, although tall bottles stand quite proud – but there is a cord to tighten to keep them in place.

So do I use it?

Absolutely. It’s my bag that now graces the back of my bike.

The good

Well made. Huge volume. Waterproof.

The bad

No padding on the panniers – make sure fragile loads are protected. The price!

The verdict 🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡 it’s a huge 10/10 for me. The best rear bag I’ve ever owned.

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