Wildo camp-a-box complete

As cyclepacking season continues it’s time to deal with the important task of feeding yourself on camp. With the size of folding bikes, and the limited ability to carry large panniers it’s important to ensure all your luggage is compact, and if possible serves multiple purposes.

The Wildo camp-a-box complete attempts to solve the issue of eating utensils in one handy pack. A task which it achieves, to an extent.

There are seven pieces inside the package. All made of a fairly flexible plastic and promising no nasty BPA. So I challenged it. I made one of my favourite camping foods, at home sadly due to the dismal weather, but I did set up the Kelly Kettle hobo stove on the patio and cook using my camping stove.

My first recipe to use it for was Sosmix burgers. They’re an absolute campsite favourite of mine and I eat tons of them. 100g of my favourite Sosmix makes three fairly sizeable burgers. I guessed that the smaller black cup would be about the size of a three burger mix and filled to the rim, sure enough, it’s bang on 100g.

Inside the larger 600ml blue cup there’s graduation markings up the inside. Sure enough these are ml. Accurate enough to get 160ml fairly close (although to be honest Sosmix is a good estimation recipe).

I poured the Sosmix into the 600ml cup and used it as a mixing bowl, using the included kit spork as a mixing paddle. The setup worked very well and just a minute of mixing gave me the perfect consistency batter.

Next was the turn of the cutting board. I took about a third of the mixture out and shaped it into a burger (yes, I know it’s called Sosmix short for Sausage Mix but I prefer to cook flat burgers). The cutting board also has perforations at one corner so it can be used as a strainer.

Lighting the Kelly Kettle turned out to be a huge pain as I had no decent dry wood, so I put my meths burner in and used the hobo stove attachment. Once my favourite (and rather elderly) folding frying pan warmed up I threw a patty in.

Cooked to perfection. I only had a couple of breadcakes, but that’s fine, I love them with scrambled eggs, beans, tomatoes, or just on their own! The bowl proved to be a very good size and balanced very well on my lap.

So what are my thoughts about it? Will it be replacing my go to mess kit?

The two cups are stunning. The smaller one is absolutely great for a hot chocolate or cuppa. The bigger one is very much a noodles sized one, but would also do well with cereals or soup. The handles are pretty good even though they look very ineffective, and the folding nature of the design is great.

The Spork, whilst not a great eating utensil (I found it a little too big, hence the outlery cutlery set on my photos) is a very good mixing paddle, but can be used for eating with should you need to. The knife section was surprisingly effective at cutting the burgers although trying to cut bread proved to be it’s downfall.

The other weak point is the salt and pepper pot. Whilst it’s a great concept, the lid seal isn’t perfect and contamination happens with pepper leaking into the salt section. Be prepared for a mix of salt and pepper after a long hike. I may cut a thin foam pad from white packing foam to make a seal and insert it inside the lid.

But the most important thing to remember is that all of this fits into a very small package which adds very little weight to your camping gear and yet contains so many containers. It’s great for a two or three course campsite meal without washing too much in-between, or for if you’re feeding a guest you can essentially have two plates and two cups just by using the lid.

As a final comment, the whole set is dishwasher safe which is great news when it comes to hygeine.

So my final thoughts? Well it’s good. Good enough to go into my kit?

Well look carefully at this photo and see if you can spot one of the pieces.

I’ll give you a clue. Look on the stool.

The verdict.

Rating: 🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🔵🔵🔵 7/10 – good enough to go in my gear, but the Spork and salt shaker are the weak points. The cups are definitely my favourite part and even if the rest of the kit ends up in camping purgatory they’re definitely in my permanent gear.

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