Outlery. Saving the planet a meal at a time?

I bought a set of Outlery cutlery a couple of weeks ago. This Kickstarter product has now become mainstream and if you’re a folding bike commuter or camper you’ll know the desire to reduce the volume of your carry.

Enter Outlery. Cutlery and flatware for the 21st century. A stunning solution to a problem you didn’t realise existed until you try it.

So what is Outlery? Well if you’ve ever bought a takeaway meal to eat outside, even just a chippy tea whilst you’re on your travels you’ll know how dismal plastic forks and knives are, not only to use but also for our precious planet.

This is where Outlery steps in. A small tin, about the size of a mintballs or tobacco tin, containing a full set of cutlery and flatware; plus in certain circumstances a straw? Imagine no more collapsing environmentally “friendly” straws which suck flat when you’re enjoying a blended iced latte.

My tin is the regular tin, but when I ordered I also got a free straw and silicon case. I’m pleased that I did because that tin is too nice to scuff up in the back of a bag or in a pannier.

Inside the tin are three cutlery heads and six handle sections to make them into a full size knife, fork and spoon by mating thread to socket. You can also use them in a shorter format should you so desire, and if you’re feeling really crazy you use them to make a marshmallow toasting fork by using all the extension sections on one head.

Me. I ate sosmix burger and scrambled eggs cooked on the Kelly Kettle.

Being a showy type I had to get the rainbow set which appears to be plated with iridium. Correct me if I’m wrong.

In use the set is absolutely rock solid and has a good weight. The round handles are easy to assemble and if you do find yourself struggling with a stuck one Outlery include a handy silicon tool in the box to slide over so you can get extra grip.

The threaded sections lock together with a satisfying click when tightened up.

As I said earlier my set also came with a straw (in its own handy little case). It also includes a brush for cleaning the aforementioned straw. These both telescope down and fit beautifully into the case. I’m not a straw person by nature, but I should imagine for a milkshake this would be pretty good. I may have to test it with one from the golden arches place.

Whether you’re camping or sat outside a cafe, it’s a perfect set. Beautifully made, very well balanced, and superb to use. I’ve just ordered another set for my wife as she loves mine so much.

I originally bought mine for camping, but it’s ended up in my regular carry.

Outlery is available from their website priced from £30, and for those of you who enjoy eastern cuisine there are also chopsticks available.

Rating : 🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡🟡 it’s a solid 10/10

A brilliant, if slightly costly solution to a problem you never thought existed.

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