Tern BioLogic PostPump 2.0 Seatpost Review

So I’ve had this seat post for a year now, and its helped me out…once. But that one time in a year was when I was in the countryside with a flat tyre and desperate to get back riding again.

The basis of this seat post is essentially to always be carrying a track pump with you. Just looking at it, you would never guess it could do that. The pumps foot stand and hose are stored inside the post and sealed by a screw cap on the base of the post. This cap also acts as a protective stand when the seat post is fully down and the bike is using it as a leg.

The head is a Schrader/Presta flip valve, so depending on what you’re using its a case of flipping the internal pieces around to suit. The genius of this pump is that your saddle becomes the pump handle, and the full length of the post is your air volume. This means less than 40 strokes gives you up to 50psi! You won’t get that out of any hand pump…

My personal PostPump, shown ready to go

The post diameter is a 33.9mm, which a few brands outside of Tern use themselves meaning its a bit more versatile as to what bike you can fit it to. Mine above is gloss black, but can be found in silver. Weighing in at around 700g and made of Aluminium, it’s not going to upset the weight weenies too much either!

Now the price is probably the only thing that could be “off-putting” here, its £50/$69. However, as mentioned at the start of this, that investment was pretty much paid off when I was stranded with a flat tyre and needed the full 40psi to keep the bike going. Time saved, job done, worth it.

RATING – 10/10

Genuinely, I don’t think I’ll ever get round to buying a Brompton purely on the basis I wouldn’t be able to fit one of these in its 31.8 seat post diameter. Absolutely brilliant piece of kit that does exactly what it says on the label.

One thought on “Tern BioLogic PostPump 2.0 Seatpost Review

  1. It’s a 30.6mm post on my Raleigh Stowaway and a two piece on the DaHon sadly, so neither are suitable for this pump. I have a Pocket Rocket instead which goes in my bag.

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