The new highway code changes for cyclists.

We have been made aware that there new changes to the highway code incoming, which will tip the road user hierarchy in favour of pedestrians and cyclists.

Updates are coming to many rules, most importantly the update will give priority to pedestrians and cyclists crossing at junctions (with an appropriate penalty structure of 3-6 licence points for drivers who don’t).

More emphasis is placed on helmets with regard to safety although they have not been made a legal requirement as evidence shows that mandatory helmet wearing reduces cycle use greatly and the whole point of this consultation is to make vulnerable road users feel safer.

Other rules affecting us as cyclists are regarding road positioning which now guides us to take the centre of the lane rather than keeping to the left and make yourself as visible as possible by your road positioning. It still does advise, however, to keep to the left on busy roads but to keep more than 0.5 metres away from the kerb.

The full consultation is here, and please bear in mind that it is currently at the consultation stage and so isn’t in situ as yet.

Please also bear in mind that the highway code only applies to the UK – and the it’s not the word of the law, it’s merely an interpretation of the road traffic act. The road traffic act is the document used in court when it all goes horribly wrong.

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