Introducing Wee Red

The authors all have folding bikes – you could say we’re nutty for them. I personally have two – my go-to is a Raleigh Stowaway 20; but I have a huge soft spot for classic DaHon bikes. This is my DaHon III. It’s a 1989 model so it’s 32 years old at the time of writing.

Wee Red has all the associated rattles and clatters you come to expect from a thirty odd year old DaHon. Being a DaHon III it has the handlebar brace.

I’m currently running Schwalbe Marathon tyres on it. If you’re considering doing the same on yours it may be worthwhile bearing in mind that the marathons, although being the same size “technically” as the stock tyres are actually slightly higher profile which on the front wheel can cause the tyre to catch against the mudguard.

Other than the tyres the bike is pretty much stock. Even the 1980’s bell is the original item!

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