Tern Link B7 2021 Short Review

The Tern Link is a bicycle I’ve owned for over 3 years now, and I can’t sing its praises enough. So beg my pardon if this comes across a little…biased.

The model I own is the Link A7, essentially this bike. It’s yet to do any wrong and has been a hardcore all-weather commuter and a sunny day leisure rider effortlessly. Now I’ve modified a lot of items on that bike, purely because I used to work in a bike shop so naturally, I have to fiddle about with it.

The Tern B7 comes as standard with mudguards and a stand. This sets it up for being a pretty straight forward commuter. However, what this bike has that a few bikes in it’s price range don’t is an adjustable stem, pannier rack mounts, a good quality seat post, ergonomic grips and a bottle cage mount. This means the bike has been designed in mind to be modified and adjusted to various set ups. You’ll have no problem slapping a Tern Loader Rack or Tern Cargo Rack on the back and loading it up with panniers or a trunk bag, before setting off into the countryside for a days riding or even a week’s tour.

The bike comes equipped with a 7 speed freewheel, which offers a decent range of gearing. I used to commute 3-5 days a week on the A7 which has the same gear ratio, 6 miles each way. There was two big hills on the route there, and at no point in both sweltering summer morning heat or slippery icy conditions have I had to walk the bike up these hills. In terms of messing around with the gearing, I certainly wouldn’t bother.

I’ve spoken a lot about the pro’s of this bike, but not the cons. Now, there isn’t a great deal of cons to be completely honest. The main one for me, which to be fair hasn’t caused any issues yet, is the bottom bracket. It uses a 3 piece, which means its not completely sealed against the elements and over time tend to need taking apart and re-greasing, bearings replaced etc. I’m waiting for it to break before I replace it, but that wait has lasted 3 years now…

RATING – 9/10

A little over most peoples starting budget, but well worth the extra investment if you can get there. Easy to modify to what you want it to do, can take some abuse. If I could get everyone to start their folding bike journey with a Tern Link, I most certainly would.

2 thoughts on “Tern Link B7 2021 Short Review

  1. It’s amazing how many of these bikes look so similar when it comes to the frame. It’s the accessories that make it a different brand. That frame shape is incredibly similar to my Raleigh.

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    • You’ll be surprised how many bikes are made in the same factory with the same framesets. I remember seeing pictures of Treks, Formes and another brand that escapes me all lined up on the painting racks on a factory line.

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