A little wild camp

I had a wild camp last night. Not strictly totally wild (I had the landowners permission). I promised to leave no trace of my camp and this I did.

I cycled up there. It’s about 20 minutes from my home by car and about 45 on a cycle (a sizeable percentage of it is uphill – one section is what I’d determine as a challenging hill).

I could camp on some fairly well cropped grass – long grass is good for comfort.

My chosen sleeping arrangement was a Zelter Shelter – a great jack of all trades Bivi style shelter with inflatable poles (see the linked review) .

In this I had a summer weight sleeping bag and a small unbranded inflatable camping mat (I need to rethink the latter – more later). I’d had a few test rides carrying this load without using a backpack.

The panniers are retro Raleigh items which rather than being pvc or vinyl like most modern panniers are canvas. They have to be waterproofed from time to time and as anyone using waterproofing on canvas will tell you – they need to be kept away from flames.

The Zelter Shelter is strapped across the top of the rack and is in a Dry Bag.

For cooking I had my Kelly Kettle which I’ll be reviewing soon but spoiler – they’re amazing.

Upon reaching the campsite I pitched up and used my bike as an additional pole to pitch a small tarp for a little extra shade.

Tea was Sosmix sausages on buns. It’s my first time using a Kelly Kettle as my main means of cooking so I kept it simple. I started them over the kettle itself and then finished them over the hobo stove (an essential extra in my opinion).

The night was fairly quiet. The wind did get up later on and we had a little rain just before 4am which was very loud on the Zelter, but the tent did a great job and I stayed very dry. The only problem I had is that with my mat being rectangular and the shelter tapering to a “foot bag” the mat curled up and made my feet feel squeezed in. I’ll be rectifying this soon by getting a tapered mat.

Breakfast consisted of cereals with oat milk, scrambled eggs also with oat milk) which work a treat on the Kelly Kettle. I even managed to lightly toast a bread roll using my Curobot Stove alongside the Kelly Kettle.

I packed up at around 8 am, doing a final sweep of the site (remember, leave no trace) and made notes about what I needed to change and replace in my camping gear, after all it’s not really been an option for 15 months!

I’ll be organising a more family friendly meet-up sometime soon – keep checking the site.

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